Award winning mapping website

Any neighbourhood, anywhere, mapminder knows what's there and what's on: the best restaurants, recommended pubs, entertainment listings and much more.

Historic Aerial Photography

Take a look back into the 1940s with this new aerial imagery.

Award winning mapping website

Members can search for detailed street maps, plot routes and map from their address book.

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All our maps of the world are available in a range of finishes, choose from laminated maps of the world, world maps with hanging bars, framed (including magnetic maps of the world) and board mounted maps of the world.

Green Map System | Green Maps connect communities with green living resources worldwide

Find our Community is a free to use travel guide, tourist information and community website, with free online maps and other useful resources. Map Minder is the website's homepage with links to researched travel, tourism and community websites for all major towns and cities throughout the world. Click on the lists or maps to find information on every region and country in the world.

Space Time

In space, light and time act differently than here on Earth, and speed is a different concept when time can theoretically be stopped in its tracks.


  • Planning applications
  • Valuation reports
  • Site evaluation
  • Site searching
  • Site location
  • Risk management
  • Transport and routing
  • Pre-bid enquiries


map minder


World Globes in different sizes, with various mounts. Illuminated globes of the world.Tabletop or floor standing globes with various stands. Inflatable world globes.

World Globes showing political, physical or historical features, whilst some, particularly the illuminated globes, show both political & physical features.


  • Larger, clearer maps making it easier to locate your chosen business;
  • Draggable maps—use the mouse to click and drag in order to navigate around the map;
  • Intelligent detection of the most suitable default scale to display, depending on whether you are viewing an urban or rural area;
  • Aerial photography, so you can see where you are going—just click on the aerial photo view link next to the map;
  • The addition of diagonal panning;
  • Zooming in or out—expand the UK map to see the surrounding cities or zoom in to see street names;
  • Get directions to the business from home, work or wherever you are in the UK


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